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ProPharmance LLC is a consulting company based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At RndPipeline we specialize in..

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We provide a wide range of consulting services for biopharmaceutical companies. Our core strengths are..

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Welcome to RnDPipeline
– an online partnering and valuation platform created by ProPharmance, LLC

ProPharmance, LLC offers consulting services for business development and licensing (BD&L). Upon request, we can create and run models on platform for you to evaluate for a fee. The uploaded model to specific user’s account can be accessed by the user. For more information on our services please

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visit us: is an online partnering and valuation platform built by ProPharmance LLC, a consulting company based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our proprietary online partnering solution facilitates Business Development and Licensing (BD&L ) activities by using a unique searching, contacting, and evaluating modeling platform. This user-friendly tool based on web-based technology is capable of pipeline evaluation of prospective partners with assets at various stages of development. All the models have been simplified for users with various levels of technical and commercial background. This simple approach provides a quick yet comprehensive BD&L solution for wide range of organizations – from research institutions to companies associated with life sciences industry.

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We work with clients to create..
Valuation is at the heart of BD&L operations..
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An asset or technology has various sweet spots..
Every deal is unique as every opportunity has..