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Tutorials Section

How To Get Access

  • Create a Free User Account
    • Free access to posting & searching opportunities (Search Zone)
  • Create User Profile / Company Profile / Asset Profile
    • Forecasting and Valuation are done on uploaded assets only. (To maintain confidentiality, an actual name of an asset is not required. The actual name is more important in the case of finding out-licensing partners. While creating an asset profile, users can whether to make the asset searchable or not. Therefore, asset profiles created just for the purpose of using Tools Zone should be marked “Not Searchable” all the time. Default is “Not Searchable”.)
  • Buy Annual Subscription and Model Scenario Runs
    • Guest – Free Subscription + Pay-per-Scenario
    • Basic – Paid Subscription + Pay-per-Scenario
    • Plus – Paid Subscription + Pay-per-Scenario
    • Premium –Paid Subscription + Pay-per-Scenario
  • Access Tools Zone (Paid Services) and Pay-per-Scenario
    • Forecasting
    • Valuation
    • Deal Terms Development
    • Reporting

How To Subscribe

How To Use Platform 1

Free Services: Posting and Searching Opportunities
  • Sign Up
  • Create User’s Profile
  • Post / Search Partnership Opportunities
    • Create a pipeline asset/opportunity profile by indication
    • Create company profile
    • Complete posting a Pipeline asset/opportunity with Indication
    • Search posted pipeline assets/opportunities based on searching criteria
    • Connect /network with potential partners via online platform ( does not share user’s information with any other users. Each user has to voluntarily provide his/her contact information directly to potential partners through’s online communication platform).

How does Search Zone work?

Post or Search Posted Opportunities–> Select Opportunities of Interest –> Contact Originator
  • Users (Licensor / Seller) can post an opportunity for out-licensing
  • Users (Licensee / Purchaser) who are interested to in-license, can search for an opportunity of choice among posted / available assets from the database
  • If the opportunity of interest is found, prospective licensee can send an email directly from platform (by providing contact information in the email body to get a response back from the licensor)
  • Interested licensor then contacts licensee
  • A purchaser can also post an in-licensing interest. A prospective seller with a matching out-licensing opportunity then contacts potential purchaser
  • Any asset / opportunity uploaded/updated more than 6-months ago does not show in search results. This increases the reliability of the search results.

How To Use Platform 2

Create Scenarios –> Enter Assumptions –> Run Models –> Fine Tune Models –> Save & Print Reports Paid Services: Modeling Platform
  • Purchase access to modeling platform
  • Enter development timeline and costs for each asset by indication and development phase
  • Forecast pipeline asset by indication based on forecast assumptions and proprietary forecasting curve generator (a proprietary tool)
  • Perform financial evaluation of each asset/opportunity by indication based on financial assumptions
  • Optimize deal terms by running as many combination of deal terms
  • Run Sensitivity analysis
  • Create Decision Trees
  • Generate and Export input assumptions and reports as PDF files

How does Tools Zone work?