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We provide consulting and analytic support in the following areas:

  • Pipeline Strategy and Prioritization
  • Business Development & Licensing (BD & L) and Mergers & Acquisition (M & A)
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Training in BD & L and Analytics
ProPharmance, LLC offers consulting services for business development and licensing (BD&L). Upon request, we can create and run models on platform for you to evaluate for a fee. The uploaded model to specific user’s account can be accessed by the user. For more information on our services please

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The president and founder of ProPharmance, LLC, Dr. Animesh Poddar has more than 15 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience in various areas of strategic analytics. During his long career Dr. Poddar held several strategic and analytics positions with Roche, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)and most recently AstraZeneca.

While working with the strategic partnering group within AstraZeneca, Dr. Poddar played a key role in signing several deals worth more than $3.5B in total – e.g. acquisition of Ardea BioSciences and Omthera Pharmaceuticals; out-licensing of Nexium OTC to Pfizer (global) and Forxiga to Ono (Japan); in-licensing of WEE1 inhibitor from Merck, and Fentanyl nasal spray from Archimedes (Australia); a multi-asset co-development and co-promotion deal with Amgen; several early stage assets and platforms. In his BD&L role the direct and hands-on involvement in forecasting, commercial , risk and financial evaluation of opportunities and deal structure development would be complemented with his strong scientific and model building skills.

He gained valuable experience in sales operations (field experiments design and analyses, targeting, alignment, incentive compensation, reporting, sales force structure and size) and advanced analytics (marketing mix modeling, promotional strategy & optimization, ROI, regional strategic analyses) while working at Roche, GSK and AZ.

Dr. Poddar’s breadth and depth of experience in business development & licensing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales Operations and Commercial Analytics along with strong scientific background would help address key business issues from various perspectives to provide a unique, simplified, actionable and realistic solution for critical business challenges.

Dr. Poddar received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Georgia followed by an MBA from Bowling Green State University. After finishing his BS in Pharmacy from Jadavpur University, India he worked as a sales representative for Winthrop Pharmaceuticals.


Depending upon the needs for speed and specific expertise we partner with several partners and advisors to achieve specific objectives of a project within deadline.