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How does website work?

There are two key functional zones within website – Search Zone and Tools Zone.

Search Zone: This is a benefit provided to all the members free of cost. Members create profile of an asset / opportunity to make it available for searching on website for partnering purposes (out-licensing, in-licensing, etc.). If the opportunity is marked as “searchable” (default is “not-searchable”), any user looking for similar asset / opportunity can view and contact the originator directly from’s email platform providing details about partnership interests and contact information within the email body. ( does not share any user contact information with anyone.)

Tools Zone: This is a paid service providing access to proprietary analytic tools. Members (Licensor or Licensee) canrun various scenarios (Pay-per-Scenario) for each asset using’s proprietary web-based analytic platform to create development plan, forecast, valuation, deal terms, decision trees and review reports from the perspectives of seller and buyer.

How do I register?

Registration is free of charge. Simply complete the online registration form.

Can I register using any email address? platform has been developed for professional and business use only. Our registration system would not allow you to open an account using most of the freely available emails (e.g. Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). If you have a special business circumstance that uses any of the free email providers please contact us directly.

Can I search before I register?

Yes, you can search for opportunities before formal registration but you will not be able to contact the originator without registering with

How long can I use my account?

Since our user id is your email id, you can use the as long as you are the owner that email address. (e.g. if you move to a different organization you should open a new account under your new email id). This helps protect the confidentiality of the contents of your previous employer.

What are profiles?

After you have logged in you can create Your Profile as a user, Company Profile, and multiple Asset Profiles (opportunities). You can create as many asset profiles as you would like and make them active / searchable. Profiles are available under “My Details” menu on top right of “My Home”.

Do I have to create an asset profile?

Tools Zone is only functional when at least one asset with an indication is loaded. You cannot run any model from our Tools Zone if there are no assets.

How do I run models?

To access "Tools Zone" you must be an active and registered member of website. Guest members can access and edit models (Pay-per-Scenario basis) once loaded for up to 30-days from the model creation date. The other three paid members – Basic, Plus and Premium – can access and edit models for the duration of active paid subscription period for a lower Pay-per-Scenario payment.

What are the screens for Tools Zone?

Tools Zone is an integrated platform of five built-in analytic tools: (1) Development; (2) Forecasting; (3) Deal Terms & Valuation; (4) Decision Trees and (5) Reporting.

What are the key steps in running a model?

Please check the TUTORIAL for an in depth discussion on this.

Can run a model on my behalf?

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have to navigate and operate on website. If you would like we can run the model online for a consulting fee to run the model. Please contact us to learn more about the consulting fee for this service.

Do I have to save my input assumptions that are used for modeling?

Once you are satisfied with your model and its output or anytime during the process you are allowed to delete all the data provided by you to run a particular model. All the model related information will be deleted.

How does use my credit card details?

You order is processed your credit card information is transferred to PayPal, a secure external payment gateway. We do not keep any information on your credits cards.