An Online Partnering and Valuation Platform for Life Sciences Industry
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Products provides a unique set of evaluation and analytic tools for pipeline analysis – forecasting through valuation and deal terms development. These proprietary models are built on a user-friendly web-based platform with minimal view of complex mathematical and functional aspects of traditional Excel®-based models. For any customized and complex BD&L analytic needs, ProPharmance, LLC provides its consulting services in the following key business areas:
  • In-licensing and Out-licensing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Pipeline Research & Prioritization and Scouting Opportunities
  • BD&L Project Management and Database Building
  • Marketing and Pipeline Intelligence
  • Forecasting, Sales & Marketing Cost Estimation, Risk Analysis Tools
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Development of Deal Structure and Business Case
  • Identification of Potential Partners
  • Negotiations & Transactions
  • Training : BD & L Principle and Tools

What is

  • A secured members-only access platform : Search Zone ; Tools Zone
  • A unique searching, contacting, and evaluating modeling platform.
  • A proprietary online partnering solution to facilitate Business Development and Licensing (BD&L ) activities
  • A user-friendly and simple web-based tool that is capable of evaluation of assets at various stages of development.
  • A quick yet comprehensive BD&L solution for wide range of organizations – from research institutions to companies associated with life sciences industry.

Tools Zone

The Tools Zone on this website provides access to an integrated modeling platform with the following applications:

  • Development Plan
  • Forecasting (Consensus, Prescription-based & Patient-based)
  • P&L and Valuation
  • Decision Tree (Simplified)
  • Reporting Platform

Search Zone

The Search Zone is an online searching tool that can be strategically used to identify the right partner and communicate for the next step of building a partnership.